Snip for proof

Wow. I can scarcely believe it myself.

This blog post brings up 100,000 edits here on this very wiki.

I've been here for quite a while now - ever since I adopted this wiki and became its founder all the way back in 2011. In that time, I've seen quite a number of other staff members come and go - and I'd like to thank each and every one of them (and indeed, for the regular editor as well), for their hard work and contributions over the years.

Every one of you is what has made this wiki the great site it is today.

However, I would like to give a special shout out to Keira and my kids - without whom I probably wouldn't be here today. (Love you all). To all my other friends and family - thank you for putting up with me :P

Now, back to the wiki itself - when I first took it over, it was, in a literal sense, a complete mess. There was only about 200 articles at the time, and the wiki had no game-related pages. (This was a "policy" at the time, as it was supposedly a lore-based wiki). The problem was that this wiki had significant fanon information, no referencing, nothing. Oh, and half the articles had redlinks on them for no discernible reason. Soon, however, it was back under control quickly, and started including game pages - particularly when in June 2011 we merged with what was the then-OblivioWiki (Big thankyou to Mbjones90 for agreeing to the merge). Fast forward a few months later, and Skyrim came out, and our wiki had broken Wikia's records for the most page-views in one day, and in one week. (We had nearly 40 million people visiting us that week). Even now, more 5 years later, we get more than a million people visiting us each and ever day, as often as not.

There's even been a few new additions to the elder scrolls series since that time - namely The Elder Scrolls Online and The Elder Scrolls: Legends - both of which continue to add new content all the time.

A special shout out to some of the former admin's though. A big thank you to Annonn - your work back in old days when we were just getting started was a great help to me. To Elch and Deyvid - thank you for helping to steer this crazy ship through the Skyrim days.

To HaloFreak and Jimeee - thankyou for your awesome contributions, and to Kroq as well. To Grams - well, I really hope that whereever you are, you are in a much better place now.

To TombRaiser (No, I didn't forget you) and EbonySkyrim - We really miss you gals (and I know that you won't, but I really wish you'd both come back one day, particularly since most of the reasons that you both left have now disappeared).

Thank you as well to Ghost, KennyandDenny, Blaid, Austin, and Zluchs.

Emporer JarJar - you might not be an "admin" anymore - but you're still around and helping the wiki so thank you. Thank you to all the other Moderators - be they forum, discussions, or chat. (there's WAAAAY to many to name - but you're all amazing, each and every one of you).

To CCC, who I know can probably see this - thank you for looking after the place during those turbulent times a while back - if not for you, this place would have become a ghost ship.

Flightmare - thanks for being here for such a very, VERY long time, and for all the work you've done. Your work is pretty much always behind the scenes, but if not for you, all the code would have broken long ago. (Also, thanks in particular for the help with SOPA - I wanted to mention it, and well, its my blog, so I did :P)

And to the other current admins - thanks especially to Atvelonis and Carlo - you've both done so much for this wiki, and will hopefully continue to do so for a very long time to come.

So yeah - if you've stuck through this all the way to the very end - well done to you. Clearly you have nothing better to do than read an old man's rambling. We, as a wiki, have come a very long way since I first started over 6 years ago, and we're going to still be going for a long time to come. Lets keep moving forward together :)


P.s. Jspoelstra - Thanks for your "friendly" competition. Know that if I didn't have kids, I would have reached this milestone years ago :P

p.p.s. To Kali and the Sweetroll Assasins - you are all amazing, and to celebrate, you all get 1g next time I'm on. (Especially you Brent).