Hello everyone!

This is my 30,000th edit.

(Yes, I *AM* literally that insane).

Anyways - just wanted to say - a massive thankyou to everyone out there for all the hard work that you've been doing over the past few months with regards to the wiki - thats not just Skyrim, but all of the games.

Whether its fixing up dodgy categories and making them standardizedl; or fixing templates; or adding new and better images; or adding templates and images to pages that need them; or whether its as simple as correcting grammar edits (or inaccurate information!) - know that your work is appreciated.

Even now, when Skyrim is THREE MONTHS OLD (as of today) - our site is still getting OVER THREE MILLION VISITS - PER DAY!

Which is a remarkable achievement, especially considering that rival sites are lucky to get 300,000 a day :)

Anyways - thank you to everyone! Keep up the good work!


p.s. Love you Keira <3