That's right folks - this edit marks the 50,000th edit I've made since starting my editing journey here.

I know I usually do a massive long blog each 10,000 edits, but this time, I'll keep it nice and short. 

I would like to say the following, however:


To Keira - you and Ethan (and Lilah, too) make my life worth living, and I love you with all my heart. (Sadly, I am not a Time Lord, so I cannot say "hearts").


If you haven't already done so - go over to Online Tasklist and have a look at some of the stuff that needs doing with Elder Scrolls Online.


Once you've done that, if you're playing on PC (and to be fair, thats the only way you COULD be playing it if you are playing it - its not released elsewhere just yet), then come and join our wiki's in-game alliance, "Elder Scribes". Message or friend either Myself, TombRaiser, or Assassin'Art in-game to get added to the guild. (We accept everyone, we just need to add you as it wont let you add yourselves).


Keep up the awesome work everyone has been doing lately. You're all amazing, and I honestly believe we have the best community on Wikia. That's a big call, but I believe it. You guys and girls are the reason I keep coming back each day. :)