For those of you that have been here a while - you'll know that every 10,000 edits I write a blog post - for no other reason than because I can, really.

It seems like only yesterday that I was at 50,000 - but I went back and checked, and it was just over a year ago now.

Wow - Now I feel really old. (Heck, this time last year I only had the one kid - that doesnt seem possible).

Guess I should warn you - I usually get a bit rambly in these;) (Although probably not as much as usual)

Its been a long year - both for the wiki, and also for myself. A year ago - we had just seen the release of Elder Scrolls Online.

Now, we are still uploading content from that game - not just because there is new content all the time, but because we have fewer editors who actually have the game.

Fortunately, though, Zenimax has recently decided to drop the subscription-based system in favour of a buy the game once system. It means that we now have people actually willing to PLAY the game. (The game was not worth a monthly subscription - it really wasnt. DEFINITELY worth buying once, though).

So - we're getting new editors here all the time, which is good news.

We also now have some guilds starting up - obviously, Gamonicon's Morrowind Guild is the best one out there :P

So yeah - just writing the obligatory post - sorry about being somewhat slower this time than in the past - RL issues still haven't let up (and not just having kids) - but they're easing up somewhat, which is good.

Anyways - keep up the awesome editing folks - you're all the reason I keep coming back each day :)


(P.s. An update: The day after this, heard back from the full time job I really wanted. Things are finally looking up)