It's that time again folks.

For those of you who've been here a little while - every 10,000 edits I do, I write a little blog. I've been doing this back since the good ol' days back in 2011. Its taken me a fair while to get up to this point, but here we are. (Also - fair warning - it gets a little weird at the end).

Its a chance for me to look back and reflect on how the wiki is going, too, and thank you all for the wonderful work YOU all have been doing lately to make the wiki great - because each and every one of you has helped, in their own way, to make the wiki the amazing place that it is.

First off - Since last time (to be honest, I cant even remember how long ago it was - apologies, it is early in the morning here), we've had a few new members join the ranks of staff.

Most recent amongst them is Lilith and Kora, who are both now helping look after the chatrooms. Both of them are currently sitting in the chatroom as I write this - so... keep up the good work! You're both amazing. And the same to the other staff members - both recent and old. (EDIT: RenzXVI has since been added to the ranks - so thank you to you as well).

Another change we've had recently is the addition of the weekly moot. Its something that we never used to have, but has, I think, helped the wiki grow that little bit better each week. Its a chance for everyone (if they can) to meet up and to discuss ideas about what we need to fix as a wiki - and its a chance to do so in real-time as well. Already its had a significant impact on the wiki - and not least of which has been the addition of at least one chat mod purely from the participation in this. (Lilith - I'm looking at you).

There are a few other things I could talk about here that I probably should - where we're going, what we still need to do (Hint: It's ESO Content). But... instead, I need to go a completely different direction. I'm dedicating the rest of the blog to my mother.

Some of you already know this - but, recently (Just over a week ago now), my mother lost her battle to brain cancer. She was a truly amazing person, who was always so very selfless and giving. She enriched the lives not only of her family - but of so many of her work mates and friends, and even complete strangers. She'll be greatly missed by everyone who met her. It was an amazing service when we said our final goodbyes, and we practically filled the almost-cathedral where the service was held - an amazing achievement in itself, and a true testament to how great she was.

So - to you mum, I'd like to say - thank you for being such an inspiring role model. I hope to do as well as you in life. They're big shoes to fill, but I'm trying my best. Thank you, and I'll miss you greatly.