Okay, so the Achievements/Badges System has been underway for about 10 days now, time for a quick survey.

How is everyone liking it so far? I realise that a lot of the badges and names are a little bit generic right now, but, assuming the majority of users want the achievements removed, it leads me into my second point:

And that is to ask for suggestions from you guys and gals.

There are three parts that I think we need suggestions for:

  • Firstly: Images - what Images should be used? Do you have any really good stock images that typify any of the groups so far? If so - what are they? :)
  • Secondly: Names - a lot of the badge names are fairly generic - I havent thought of anything really original for most of them. Suggestions, anyone?
  • And Finally: Any badges you would like to see added? (Or, alternatively, removed?) - Keep in mind that I can only realy add achievements/badges for categories (At least, thats all I can seem to be able to do - maybe Ausir knows a different way. Anyways - over to you folks. Put your thinking hats on? :)

And may Azura shine over you