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Summary of the Video to follow:

- Multiple types of dragons. "Its not just that they can breathe fire. For dragons, its all about their language".

- Dragon Language: Has words of power (Think like in "Dune", where "Maud Dib" is a word of power)

- Todd Howard stated that one of the abilities you can "eventually" learn (which probably means towards the later stages of the game) - learn to breathe fire as well.

- Each dragon shout consists of three words, and the more words of each shout that you know (or, at least, your character knows) - the bigger your shout can be.

- Dragon Shout used in the trailer translates as "Force-Balance-Push"

- Approximately two dozen shouts.

- Time slowing down is a confirmed shout.

- Apparently, some of the dragons talk (hints at possible missions, etc, to do with this?)

- The game starts off with your character's execution. (So, indeed, the player starts off in prison, like most other Elder Scrolls games.

- Playable area is "about the size of Oblivion."

(Second video):

- It is possible to encounter multiple dragons at once. Dragons can also pick players up, and land on buildings, etc.

- Levelling system: "The higher your skill level is of a particular effect, the littler it affects the overall skill" (Self-balancing system)

- "Radiant Story" mentioned: Basically, the quests are still likely to happen, but it is affected by the different parameters of the game. (Both Major and Minor affectations of it).

- Side Quests: "I want you to get this item". The game will look at your map, and see a map you havent been to yet, and the character will say that the item is located there. It will then generate the map based on your level, and determine the item that you are to locate. (But it still feels like a side thing rather than a major quest).

- Confirms history: Skyrim, is, indeed, the original home of Men (Humans), in the world.

- Nords long ago, used to worship Dragons.

- More demonstrations are confirmed will be shown at E3.