Today, more information was released regarding The Elder Scrolls Online. Here's a summary:

  • Armor and weapons will have varied appearances, depending on race, and level progression with that weapon.
  • Wildlife will appear in the game, and can be collected for hides and leather. Hunting will not be a skill.
  • You will be able to play as several characters.
  • Some armor sets will have set bonuses
  • Each of the armor types will have skill lines, which will give a bonus for wearing more of a similar type of armor.
  • Veteran Points are similar to XP, and your Veteran Rank goes up as you gain them.
  • Veteran Points will grant stats and the ability to equip better gear, although with smaller increases than from leveling up your character.
  • Soul Gems can be used to resurrect players in PvP. Soul Gems can be bought "at a premium". After further clarification, this means with in-game currency, not microtransactions.
  • Sorcerers have a Summon Winged Twilight Ability.
    • At first, this has a ranged attack only.
    • Later, a morph choice, grants the ability to add a "passive aura to the summon that increases the Magicka regeneration of nearby allies.
    • Another is to cast a healing spell on you when you are at low health.
    • Another Sorcerer ability is a Summon Storm Atronach ability.
  • Disguise will be a mechanic in the game that will allow for infiltration into enemy camps (example: to make a Breton look like an Argonian).
  • Campaigns will be available after launch with a higher level requirement.