I hearby request the help of everyone on here who has received an email about the lastest Beta test. (If you haven't heard yet, there will be another Beta test this weekend - check your emails).  - If you HAVEN'T got one - there are a number of sites that are giving away Beta keys.

The NDA of previous beta tests have been lifted ... so ...

With this test, I would like, if possible, everyone to make some sort of record of the various things you see in-game.

This can be in whatever form you want - screenshot, pen and paper, or whatever.

The idea, though - is to collate as much information from this test as we possibly can.

That way, next month, we will already have a massive head-start when it comes to adding content for the game upon its release. (And its early release on March 31/April 1).

How can I help?

Well, it's easy!

Play the game in windowed mode. Hit print-screen, alt-tab to a paint, paste, save, and go back to the beta. (Personally I had over 800 screenshots from last time, which I was going to use for the same purpose once the NDA was lifted with the game's release).

What should I look for? 

Honestly? Pretty much everything.

  • Weapons available - damage dealt, etc
  • Morph Choices: The morph choices available for each skill once you reach level IV in that skill.
  • Synergy - any Synergy moves that you can think of.
  • Armor types
  • Crafting - what you need to craft everything. (With Alchemy and Provisioning - Recipes and things).
  • Quests - a list of the quests in-game, along with a general list of instructions as to what to do in each quest. (Such as Unearthing the Past).
    • (Screenshots of Quest Rewards would be very helpful as well).
  • Books - a list of books that appear in game. AND THE LOCATION. - That one is VERY important. Weights and values weren't in the last one - but if they are in this one, that as well. Content, maybe - but we have quite a lot of them already from the last beta. The less-common books definitely.
    • In particular: Shalidor's Library. The locations where you can find the lore books.
    • Skill Books -> A list of what the skill books are, and the skills. (Also, where, if you can remember).
    • Journals and Notes -> Some of these unique items throughout tamriel, such as on people's bodies. If its a quest starter/progressor, that as well.
  • Characters - VERY big part. Talk to everyone you can. A screenshot of their dialogue (and if you can remember, where you found them) would be quite helpful.
  • Skyshards - where abouts you found them.
  • Creatures - Mainly levels, and any items that you recieved from killing it. (Such as "Guts" for killing Lizards.
  • Locations - another massive section. If we can get half a dozen people in each faction, each taking a list of some of the locations, we should, between us, be able to get a list of almost every location in several of the provinces. (If it's a major city, such as Daggerfall, some of the sub-locations too, such as people's houses - last time I found that these each had a skill book in them.
  • There are probably a lot more, but these are the ones that I can think of right now.

When Should These Be Uploaded

After the beta - whilst its open - play the beta. By all means, enjoy yourself - just if you can get a few of those above things here and there, it would greatly help the wiki.


Update: their latest article "Beta Streams to Watch" shows a number of gaming channels that will be streaming their beta coverage all weekend. There is also a list of sites still with free Beta keys remaining.