I'm back again everyone. Some of you may have noticed that I disappeared in March all of a sudden. Sorry about that - I was in the process of trying to move house, and only got everything sorted very recently.

I dont wish to dwell on that however, but I do wish to say that I have had to catch up on quite a lot of information about TES: Online.

I know theres been a lot of blog articles about them.

Here's one that I'm fairly sure hasn't been mentioned yet ... Crassius Curio can time travel! That's right!

That noble from House Hlaalu can travel back in time.

Where did I come up with such a ridiculous notion, you ask?

Why, from Zenimax themselves!

Read this article here for yourself. The one that you are looking for is the very last question. TES: Online will have BOTH versions of the Lusty Argonian Maid. The problem with this is that it was written by Crassius in the late 3rd Era, whereas this game was set in the 2nd. A bit of a fail there, Zenimax.

Other than that though - Ive been very pleased with the information that has been released - and by the quality of the articles that have been posted and blogged on here in my absense. I know that some sites (like this Facebook fan site, have been using our website for all their TES Information needs.

Anyways - keep up the good work, everyone!