Earlier today, Bethesda released a number of screenshots for the upcoming DLC, Dragonborn.

Here they are for you.

Personally, I am very pleased to see that the Netches are returning. But that's just me :)

Anyways - enjoy!

Some of the things I have noticed that are going to appear in this DLC is as follows:

  • The architectural structure of Morrowind will appear in this. (Images 8 and 9)
  • Bonemold Armor appears to be reappearing (Image 9)
  • Netches will be in this game (Image 6)
  • You will be able to see smoke rising from a volcano (Possibly Red Mountain ?) (Image 6)
  • There will be new Dragon Priest Masks
  • Stahlrim armor and weapons (Image 2)

Stay tuned - expect Bethesda to release more information about this DLC shortly.