This week, answered some community based questions with regards to the Lore surrounding the game. The following is a summary of what was revealed:

  • Lainlyn will indeed be in the game, as listed earlier in one of the Ask Us sections, of the Daggerfall covenant. However, it is called Tava’s Blessing at this time. Also, the Lainlyn Family will be present in the game, and the town is later named after them.
  • Harpies will be in the game, and will exist in the Alik'r Desert.
  • Orsinium will be featured in the game, as mentioned in a previous announcement.
  • The Wrothgarian Mountains are ruled by King Kurog of Orsinium in the South, and various strongholds in the north.
  • Reachmen will exist in the game (precursors to the Forsworn), and are hostile NPCs in High Rock, Hammerfell, Skyrim, and Cyrodiil.
  • The Adamantine Tower can be seen from the shores of Iliac Bay.
  • Orcs in northern Tamriel (i.e. Skyrim) may be seen in the various strongholds, but they do not get involved, unlike the Wrothgarian Mountains variety.
  • The Manes, and the selection and accession process, is going to feature in the game. This will affect "northern Valenwood and western Elsweyr".

In addition, an interview with Maria Aliprando revealed the following details:

  • They are now looking at 200 players online at a time.
  • A character named Mathor will appear.
  • Upon reaching level 50, you'll have an average of about 30% of your skills maxed out.
  • There will be 16 "regular" dungeons available at launch, and 6 master dungeons.
  • In Bleakrock Village, one of the houses is Earth-Turner House. (5:09)
  • In this house, there is a note written, called "Ode to Oinkers"
  • In the village, there are two characters: Linnea, and Firedir. (5:39)
  • You can play each of the alliance's quests once you reach level 50 and each alliance's quests should take between 120 and 150 hours in total.
  • There will be an entire skill line dedicated just to the Emperor. If you lose the crown, you still get to keep the skill line, but the powers are greatly reduced.

(Apologies also to Equlibrium, who originally posted information about the Eurogamer video).