G'day everyone! Its been a while.

(Warning, this post isn't really TES related, just explaining where ive been)

I kind of left all of a sudden earlier in the year. Sorry about that, everyone.

I was forced to kind of leave in a hurry. First off there was the moving house, then the internet problems that I have. Then, life for me changed completely. Some of the folks on here know that my wife was pregnant - and, well, I am happy to announce that a few months ago, she gave birth to Ethan Luke Owens, my son.

Whilst this is great news for me personally, that, and the looking after my wife leading up to that, meant that I wasnt really able to edit on here for a bit.

Whilst I still really have very little time - I am back (for now). Sort of.

I'm still going to be dropping in every now and again. And a lot more frequently than I have been the past few months. (I've been visiting, just havent actually signed in up until now, almost).

Anyways - sorry everyone.


p.s. yes, I did try and name him something from the series. My wife vetoed it vehemously.

p.p.s. to make this somewhat TES related: On the TES: Online site, here, I have noticed a factual error. The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind does not take place in The northern part of Vvardenfell." Rather, it takes place on all of it.