It is available here. Now, I dont know about you, but I cannot speak Norwegian. Its just not one of my talents ... so ...Instead, there is a translation of said article on the Bethesda Forums, found here and here. (Also, PC game has reported that there is an infinite number of dragons that can be encountered as shown here

Information Revealed:

  • Confirmed that "Dragonborn" (Dovakiin) is different in meaning to those of the previous Elder Scrolls games (Hopefully resolving the Tiber Septim issue)
  • Revealed that there are 20 different shouts, each at three different "levels", so a total of 60 shouts, and "We expect to end up with a few more before finish."
  • NO "Finishing Moves": "These animations are only for show, and is linked to different types of attacks. The animations you saw belongs to the powerful version of the melee attacks, and there are no "Finishing Moves"
  • The Dragon in the trailer video was more "easily killed" than they will be in the game. They changed that because it looks bad to see the character dying in the promo videos
  • Dynamic Storytelling - will be featured in certain parts: "One thing we have struggled with in our games is control. Because some players are not experienced enough to handle the freedom that we offer. This system allows us to guide them to a greater extent. It ranges widely, from small random assignment to larger assignments where we ask the game to bring out "the next character who hates the main character" or something like that."
    • Voice Acting covers this up, by, for instance, saying "you will get a reward" for obtaining said item, rather than stating the reward (as would be very impossible to program dynamically)
  • Level Caps: Roughly Level 50, but "mathematical" limit could be as high as 70. The focus is on the skills, though.
  • DirectX 11 will be supported
  • Player effecting the economy: "The player has resources that are directly connected to trade-skills. Mining and smelting affects blacksmiths, farms affect food which in turn affects the ingredients which in turn affects alchemy. We have not quite figured out how we solve this system yet, but it is something we are working on."
  • Not as much enemy-levelling as in Oblivion, rather, like in Fallout 3, certain "areas" will be tougher.
  • When you leave an area and then come back again later, the enemies will be harder (Just like Fallout).


  • Boats are confirmed to be appearing in Skyrim, however, they cannot be sailed. Horses WILL be included, but uncertain to what extent.
  • Caves: There will be a cave, amongst other things, inside a Glacier, and an Imperial Fort
  • Currently approximately 120 "real" caves, and 100 "points of interest" outside
  • All but confirmed that at least one dragon will be able to speak the "Common Tongue"
  • Real-World Interaction. If, say, you drop your sword, a nearby character might pick it up if they like you. (Or conversely, attack you with it if they DISlike you)
  • Animals will interact with one another - example used: wolf packs hunting mammoths.
  • Killing a dragon involves taking his soul (mentioned in previous article) - Todd does not elaborate, meaning it is somehow important to the plot?
  • The "persuasion wheel" from Oblivion has been removed.
  • The "Dragon Shouts" ability is one of the Skills
  • Item Comparison - not yet completed. Currently "arrows" to show whether better or worse.
  • Alchemy system - Improved from Oblivion
  • 9 Different "Regions" in the game, each ruled by its own Earl. There are 5 "Major" cities, and 4 smaller villages
  • Item Drops - sometimes are area-specific, sometimes level specific
  • "Lore" - Books: "for example you can find lore about the various enemies that give you information about their weaknesses"
  • There will be less focus on "Attributes", and more focus on the individual skills
  • Houses - confirmed once more that you can buy them
  • "Perks" are earnt by skill increases. You invest points in them, and are given the opportunity to select various special attacks
  • Most "repetitive action" skills have been removed from the game (example question was "casting Open lock 50 times". They reply was similar to how they removed Athletics and Acrobatics
  • Gender - yes you can choose, but you then cannot change genders (What sort of question was that?)
  • Max von Sydow is confirmed (again) as a voice actor
  • People arround you enter certain "modes" such as suspicious or agressive, when you sneak, depending on your Sneak skill.
  • Children will appear. They will appear in the same manner that they did in Fallout 3: They exist, but cannot be knocked out or harmed.