In a few hours time, I'm going to be leaving to go back and visit my folks for Christmas, and then spend the rest of Christmas with Keira's family. So I shall be away until Boxing Day.

So before I go... I just wanted to say:


My Akatosh watch over you!

Oh, and if you haven't done so ye, two other minor things that you should do:

Firstly: Our wiki needs your help here. Its a list of the best Wikis on Wikia this year. Please vote for us on there. (At the time of posting this, we're just outside of the "top ten".

Secondly: If you havent done so yet, this link is a link to a vote currently underway to determine if two of our editors, Jgjake2 and Deyvid Petteys, should become administrators or not. Feel free to vote yes or no to either or both of them, depending on what you wish. Just remember - the wiki is run by its members, so its up to the community to decide whether or not they become Admins.

Anyways, thats all for now - so yeah, have a Merry Christmas everyone.