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What we have learnt

  • The Forsworn will exist in The Elder Scrolls Online.
  • The Forsworn have allied themselves with Molag Bal's Daedric forces, for reasons as of yet, unexplained.
  • Reachmen have been harrying both the Nords (Ebonheart Pact) and the Bretons (Daggerfall Covenant). (This is significant due to their Bretonic heritage.)
  • “Free Trade in Tamriel” is one of the stated goals of the Daggerfall Covenant, which to the Pact and Dominion just means “Let merchants from Wayrest and Sentinel dominate all trade.”
  • Vampires are going to be a major problem across all of Tamriel. (Unsurprising, considering Molag Bal created Vampires).
    • Many Vampire clans are going to be in the game (stated from a previous article).
  • There will be more books in TES: Online, however, obviously, they are going to be culturally appropriate. (I.e. No books about the Septim Empire).
  • Reason for the name, "The Daggerfall Covenant": The First, or Breton, Daggerfall Covenant was a treaty of mutual defense signed by the Breton Kings after the defeat of Durcorach’s Reachmen Horde – which took place at Daggerfall. That battle before the gates of Daggerfall was also the first major victory of the young Emeric of Cumberland. (Direct Quote there).
  • There will be continued animosity between various races in the Covenant, in some places. (Some people embrace the opportunity, whilst others treat the other races with open hostility. (Expect some quests to revolve around this).
  • The Yokudan Gods are still worshipped by Redguards in Hammerfell, particularly The Crowns, "wo try to maintain the traditions of Yokuda in their new homeland". (Well, almost 2600 years old, but still "new" compared to the other races).
  • Priests of Tu'whacca, Zeht, and Ruptga have an active presence in Hammerfell.
  • Continued animosity between The Crowns and The Forebears, although they sometimes band together for the greater good.