Hello again everyone.

I will keep this one nice and short (mainly because its about 3.30 in the morning, and I am somewhat tired).

Anyways - as has become a tradition of mine, largely because I am not Js, I write a blog post every 10,000 edits.

So here it is - the obligatory 80,000th blog post.

Since last time, we've had a few changes here at the wiki. (Last one was nearly a year ago - ive been getting slower and slower as time goes on - real life issues/kids growing up, means less time to edit here).

I dont want to thank specific users for their massive work over the past year, mainly because I will accidentally forget someone (due to tiredness), and they will get justifiably miffed at being forgotten, but a massive shoutout to Atvelonis, who is now a fellow Bureaucrat, and is essentially running the wiki these days.

Take care of each other folks, and I look forward to having been overtaken in edits by the time I reach 90,000 (Shockstorm should overtake me any day now).

On a personal note - I'm really looking forward to Legends when it comes out, and getting in a raft of new editors who play the card games primarily :)

Anyways - bye everyone, and thanks for spending the time to read this. (and even more importantly, for editing on the wiki - each and every one of you are what makes this wiki the best one on Wikia.


Edit: I forgot to say - thank you as well for getting our Wiki's Facebook Page over a thousand likes! :)