More Skyrim information has been revealed here. Thank you to Terrin Sanner for providing the link.

New Information:

  • Wounded dragons will be unable to fly.
  • "Tol Toor" is confirmed as a Dragon Shout meaning "Fire Breath"
  • "Iiz Slen" is confirmed as a Dragon Shout meaning "Ice Crystals"
  • "Strun Bah Qo" is confirmed as a Dragon Shout meaning "Lightning Storm"
  • A change to the Guard system - guards are separated into regions, with different areas not necessarily being aware of you breaking the law.
  • Mining - there are confirmed as 13 types of ore
  • HORSES ARE CONFIRMED - They have been unsure about this for months, but they reveal that yes, they will definitely be included.
  • Horse movements have been included (As I mentioned in one of the other blogs, this was required for them to include it, this has been confirmed though)
  • There will also be a Morrowind-style type of travel included.
  • Fast Travelling like in Oblivion is also confirmed. (Interpretation: There will be some catch here, considering the previous point).
  • Dark Brotherhood are included.
  • Thieves Guild are included
  • A Fighters Guild is included, known as The Companions (NOT Fighters Guild)
  • A Mages Guild is included, known as the College of Winterhold (NOT Mages Guild)
  • These Factions will interact with the Main Storyline in unique ways.
  • There will be, in total, 60,000 lines of unique dialogue