So, some of you recently got into the Beta Test.

Remember that if you were allowed into the Beta, you are bound by their Non-Disclosure Agreement. Any beta content that is posted [u] will [/u] be removed, as that is our policy as well. (We dont want to get into a copyright lawsuit, after all).

For those that can't remember our policy, I have provided a list of rules that may help you out: 

The Rules

The first rule of beta: is you do not talk about beta. 

The second rule of beta: is you DO NOT talk about beta.

The third rule of beta: When Bethesda/Zenimax yell "stop", the beta is over.

The fourth rule: Only two (thousand) guys to a PvP fight.

Fifth rule: One campaign at a time.

Sixth rule: No shirt, no beta. (Hey, I dont make these rules).

Seventh rule: Beta will go on for as long as it has to.

And the eigth and final rule: If this is your first time in Beta, you have to join it.

Anyways, hope these rules clear some things up for you all.

Other Rules

(Serious rules now: Basically, don't post pictures/content from the Beta, unless it was from an official source. Official sources are those that are posted by Zenimax or Bethesda, such as the Quest Gaming one here, or Game Informer's one.) (Another important rule: If you add pages or information from these sources ... REFERENCE THEM .  (If you aren't sure about how to do it, just put the website at the bottom of the page (if you are creating a new page), and another editor will help :)


p.s. if Zenimax/Bethesda have mentioned the link on their official pages (such as Facebook, then it is considered acceptable to reference that source for information posted there. (In fact, it SHOULD be used as a reference).