As many of you may have noticed, we were offline for a day, yesterday.

(Actually, for those paying close attention, we were actually offline for 25 hours. Apologies about that. I made a maths error converting between time zones).

Here is what our site looked like if you tried to visit it during that time:

TESwikia SOPABlackout

Scary, right?

Aaanyways ... An important question to be asked is... was it EFFECTIVE?

Well ... I'll answer this question below - starting with first of all, our wiki, and the overall blackouts.

Was OUR blackout effective?

Yes, Yes it was. I have seen a lot of evidence of this, on Facebook and Twitter. Quite a few people tweeted about our site going offline (I know this because Wikia re-tweeted a few of them). Quite a few of these weren't aware that if SOPA went official, our site would have its existence threatened (see my last blog post for more details about that).

So, in summary: Yes, our blackout was rather effective. We will never know the full impact of just OUR site alone (as it was the combined effects of EVERY site that "went dark", but yes, it was indeed effective. Here, I would also like to thank the COD Wiki, whose coding we used to help make the awesome image that showed up.

Was it effective overall?

Even more so than ours was, yes.

It was immeasurably successful.

As a result of the blackout, so far the following has taken place:

  1. Twitter trended the folowing topics: #FactsWithoutWikipedia and #ImWikipedia
  2. Numerous senators who previously supported SOPA are now actively against it, purely as a result of the blackout
  3. As many as 13 [1] Senators are now actively opposing PIPA (SOPAs sister-bill)
  4. Most US Senator's call centre's were unavailable due to the sheer number of people ringing them, expressing their disgust/hatred towards the SOPA/PIPA Bills
  5. The main Stop SOPA/PIPA petition sites were unintentionally DDOSed by the numbers of people massing to sign the petitions (It was like a DDOS attack, but with just regular users only, THATS how popular it was).
  6. It FINALLY got the bill into the mainstream news sphere. Its been largely sidelined by major US publications (excepting technology-orientated websites like ars technica, mashables, etc). The blackout caused even the big news networks to notice it, and discuss it.

So yes, I think that the Blackout was VERY effective.

Feel free to leave comments below. Do you think it was effective or not? What did you DO during the time that we were offline? And do you think that we should not have done this? Leave your thoughts below :)