I'm only very partially through the game, so bear with me here.

Okay, first of all, the Aldmeri Dominion is back again. Apparently in the aftermath of the Oblivion Crisis, they went through the empire, and took the Imperial City. Theres only one problem with that, however: The Aldmeri Dominion was in the SECOND ERA. So a bit of a fail there on their part. (For the purposes of making things simple, however, The pages have now been named First Aldmeri Dominion and Second Aldmeri Dominion.

Another one however, and this one is the spoiler warning, regards Talos.

The whole Civil started because Ulfric Stormcloak wanted to worship Talos. (Backstory is necessary here: Talos worship was banned following the outcome of the Great War between the Aldmeri and the Empire. Anyways, they states (and the new books, which I have read through some of but havent uploaded just yet) that the reason for the banning of Talos was because he was a human that ascended to Godhood.

This makes sense, right? I mean, Tiber Septim (later known as Talos) was clearly the only human to ascend, right? Well, this is where you would be wrong. In fact, you dont even have to look outside the Eight Divines/Nine Divines to see another example.

Arkay was a human that ascended to Godhood, too. Go read Arkay the God. You'll see what I mean.

(Yes, I am that addicted to the series)