That's right. The Elder Scrolls Online has been voted as the Most Anticipated Online Multiplayer Game set to come out next year. this year. (Sorry folks - so used to saying "next year" with regards to this game).

Now, I know what you're thinking. What, that's like 3 games right? Well...not quite. Theres over a dozen different MMO's coming out this year. But... I digress.

see the full story yourself.

Most Anticipated MMO

  1. MMORPG ([MMORPG’s Player’s Choice Awards)
  2. Ten Ton Hammer (Ten Ton Hammer Most Anticipated of 2013 Awards)
  3. Game Breaker TV (Gamebreaker TV’s 2012 GameBreaker Awards)

(Incidentally, two of these sites are ones that have actually played the Pre-Alpha version of the game in October last year).

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And if that wasn't enough, it's also got a bunch of awards from the French and German online community. (the two other countries that the game will feature).

French Awards

Gamekult: 2013 : les jeux à suivre Prospective : quels MMO attendez-vous en 2013 ? Les 20 jeux les plus attendus de l'année 2013 Les Tops de la Rédac' : Super.panda

Millenium: Les jeux les plus attendus de 2013

Prospective: quels MMO attendez-vous en 2013 ?

German Awards

Buffed: Spiele-Highlights 2013: Diese Spiele erwarten Euch im nächsten Jahr

Gamona: GTA5, Elder Scrolls Online, Dark Souls 2, Watch Dogs - so fett wird 2013

Spieletipps: Auf diese Spiele könnt ihr euch freuen

So... A lot of people are looking forward to this game. As you should be - It's going to be massive.

Just thought you should know.