Today, Zenimax answered some more general questions from people regarding The Elder Scrolls Online. (Available here if anyone would like to read it).

Here's what was learnt from it:

  • Both the Fighters Guild and Mages Guild will be in the game. (Although this has been known since June last year).
  • Mages Guild need to "recapture lore that could be lost in the chaos of the interregnum"
  • Fighters Guild exist to "thwart the plans of Molag Bal".
  • Daedric Princes may appear with quests, as in other Elder Scrolls games, however, this is uncertain.
  • Dwemer may appear ("As far as anyone knows, all the Dwemer disappeared in the year 1E 668…") (Direct Quote there)
  • Orsimer Religion: (Regarding Malacath/Mauloch) "As with other races, the religious practices of the Orcs vary from place to place and from clan to clan. Some Orcs worship the Daedric Prince Malacath; some Orcs (including most of those in the Daggerfall Covenant) worship the Divine named Mauloch, whom they insist is not a Daedra at all; and some Orcs could care less whether their god is a Daedra or not, and worship him under either name. In such matters of metaphysics, it’s difficult (if not impossible) to determine what the “truth” really is."
  • Heita-Meen is a prominent Argonian character. He/She is an Archcanon, and "administers Argonian affairs above the tribal level (at least in northern Black Marsh)". They are also the Keeper of the Hatching Pool in Shadowfen.
  • Redguard Schools exist where Swordplay can be learnt, such as the one at Leki's Blade.
  • The Ansei apparently died out in the First Era, along with the abilities of the Shehai.