It's possible that they may have determined their payment style. I know that a blog a few months ago created a very lively discussion about the financial system that would be used for the game - whether free to play, or pay to play.

It seems that some companies feel that it will be a once-off purchase, however. I dont know if this is other companies or countries as well, however, I know that my own games' store is now offering pre-ordering for the game. See Here, and you'll see that it's retailing for $88 Australian.

It would be a reasonable assumption to assume that this would be a once-off purchase, considering this is roughly equivalent to other major games (Skyrim was this price, except on Xbox, which was about ten more).

Oh, and on a non-games related note - we're all right here. I live in Queensland, and there's localised flooding here, but Keira and I are fine.