That's right, its time for another news update regarding recent developments.

Now, in the last blog, I wrote about the possibility of the first DLC being called Dawnguard. There's very little to update in this regard. But I will get to that later on.

Because, there is some much bigger news to share with you all, first.

But let me back up a bit. Now, some of you already know this, but Bethesda Softworks actually has an account on our wiki. This is not new news. They have had an account since August. (this one).

They even wrote a very detailed blog for us about the history of the elder scrolls series here.

A few weeks ago now, there was a lot of speculation about the possibility of there being a TES Online in the works. I am happy to be able to now confirm that this is actually going to be taking place.

What's more - Bethesda likes our community a lot.

They are impressed with the dedication to helping out that our community has shown over the past few months in particular, and to the series in general. As a result - they would like our members to help test the game.

What does that mean exactly? Well, it means that members of our wiki will be eligible to recieve free beta access to the site, once its up and running. Log in will be the same as log in here, as Wikia and Bethesda will be working in close conjunction with one another once more. (Like they did when Bethesda joined this wiki in the first place)

So - stay tuned, folks. Exciting times are ahead.

I also promised some news regarding Dawnguard too. There's been some talk in the Bethesda Forums regarding this of late. Its been heavily debated about what exactly this will be if it is going to be downloadable content. One name keeps getting mentioned with regards to this: Lapri Lofos. They are very likely going to be the antagonists in this new DLC. (Although, considering the DLC itself isnt confirmed yet, this might be a rumor). EDIT: Some people have noted that this is with regards to Dawnguard and not TES Online. Well, that's all I am allowed to say here, for now.

Anyways - that's all the updates I have for you all. I'll bring you more news when I have it!


EDIT: For whatever reason, the link to the blog post by Bethesda appears to be broken. It actually isnt. Refresh the page, and it loads properly.

EDIT 2: Users will have to have at least one edit on the wiki to be considered eligible (And yes, a blog comment here will suffice)



Okay. Now that its no longer April the First...

time to come clean.

Folks, this was an April Fools Day joke.

There is no evidence to suggest that Bethesda is working on an online game. Thus, our having beta keys to this non-existant game would be impossible.

However, Dawnguard being likely to be one of the DLCs for Skyrim is true (at least, as far as evidence currently suggests), as is the fact that Bethesda have an account on the wiki.

Apologies to everyone on the wiki that was fooled by this.

However, to all the new members on the wiki - I sincerely hope that, now that you have an account, you decide to stay here on the wiki. We've got a great community here, and more people are always welcome. :)


p.s. in case you were wondering, I added the Dragon script after it was about 8 am Australian time, on April 2. In case you were wondering, it says "April Fools".