The Elder Scrolls Online Development team today announced their plans for the game over the coming month.

Update Two

The following are some of the changes that will be made:

  1. Dragonknights are going to become gradually less overpowered in the interests of class balancing.
  2. Nightblades are going to become gradually more powered in keeping with the same class balancing.
  3. Anyone with a subscription will now be able to access the Public Test Servers, which will let you get access to the new updates before they are publicly released - including testing advanced veteran combat.
  4. Update Two (as they are calling it) will take place the "week of June 23", and will include:
    1. Crypt of Hearts (Online) - a veteran dungeon for Veteran Rank 12 character, involving Nerien'eth the Lich
    2. First-person Field-of-view changes
    3. More object-interaction - particularly the ability to pick up and equip weapons and armor found around the world. (Opinion: Maybe this will later include books too, since they appear quite a lot)
    4. More ongoing bug fixes and combat updates, listed here

Update Three

"Update 3" (July) will focus on increased player-customisation systems such as the ability to dye armor, create guild insignias and tabards, and work will begin on Delves (Smaller dungeons) to make them larger and more worth exploring.

  • Quests are going to be re-worked to reduce player separation.
  • More Veteran Dungeons
  • Craglorn will feature an all-new Trial.

Other Future Updates - Veteran Content

  • Gear: Itemization of gear to make it harder to acquire, but more worthwhile.
  • Veteran Ranks: More "points" to be given when hit a new veteran rank (possibly).
  • Veteran Dungeons will level to the group leader.
  • Veteran Dungeons will be replayable: (Different character levels = different rewards).