Here's a quick run-down on stuff that's been happening lately on the wiki.

Okay, if you didn't already know it, less than a week ago, we took a conscientious (I think I spelt that wrong) vote to take our site offline for 24 hours, in protest of the SOPA/PIPA bills. Due to my mistake in calculating time-zone differences, we actually went offline a little bit before the major sites like Wikipedia went offline (like, about 4 hours before they did :P) - Anyways - this was a resounding success. In the main-page poll, several THOUSAND of you voted to say that you thought that this was a success. Only a few voted to say that it was not so.

Thats not all that's been happening this week:

New Admin Team Members:

This week saw a number of new members join the ranks of the "Admin" Team here.

These people include, from memory, Neguy71inok, Flightmare, Jimeee, and Kennyannydenny, who have all now been given Roll back powers to help revert vandalism.

They join existing Patrollers, Commander Faol, G0LD3NF1RE, and Loonix.

In short: these folks will be watching out to help make sure that vandalism isnt occurring on the wiki, and if it is - to revert it when they see it. Which is, really, what these folks have been doing already on the wiki - it just makes it "official" now :)

There's also a room set up on IRC that makes this even easier still: #TESWiki/CVN - There is now a bot there that updates changes to the wiki automatically, so that they can more easily monitor vandalism.

Other Changes

Well, some of you may have noticed, but a number of members here, particularly some of the crazy admins such as Deyvid and myself (but a lot of other people have helped out as well!), and we have managed to get rid of all the Orphaned Pages on the wiki. As well as this, there are no Dead-end Pages, Double Redirects, Broken Redirects, or Uncategorised Pages, either.

So - to all those who have helped make this happen - a very big thank you to you all! It means that it is a lot easier to maintain the wiki now :)

Theres a few other long-term goals that are being worked on currently: Wanted Pages will probably be a perpetually incomplete job (at least for a little while), but given the size of the wiki, that is really to be expected.

The other change that we are doing is to start cleaning up some of the Unused Images. There's quite a lot of images on here that are either duplicated or are unused, and unuable due to a lack of description either in a caption or on the file name itself (for example "File 2011-11-12-00020" means nothing to anyone :)

New Badges

We also have rolled out a series of new badges lately.

These are in for Morrowind and Oblivion, and are for the Characters, Locations and Quests ("Creatures" will probably be added later when the decision about whether to rename that category to "Bestiary" or "Enemies" or not has been concluded). So - for those of you keen to help out - that is something that you can do to help improve the wiki. Particular the Morrowind pages, which, due to the history of our wiki, is not as complete as it should be.

Anyways, thats all that I can think off thats happened in the last week or so - If there is something major thats happened that I havent written up here - let me know. ~ Timeoin