So I was shopping today, and was very excited to see that at long last, Skyrim, is now on JB HI-FI's "Pre-order" shelf. Wanting to know more about what they were saying about the game, I flipped over the back, wondering what of the many pictures the were going to display, and saw the following:

Bad Content Alert

JB's content about Skyrim.

Now, I realise that I am probably just a tad obsessed about this game (as you guys may have already noticed just from my activity and overall "number of edits", but here is a list of what is wrong with their content:

  1. There is no picture about the game. I can forgive this, since they may fear copyright infringements, since they would, in effect, be making money off sales. Still, I was nevertheless disappointed.
  2. YOU SPELT SKYRIM WRONG. To me, nothing says a bad job more than a title that is spelt wrong. At least the spelt it correctly on the title, but I see it was too difficult to hire a proof-reader.
  3. "And the world of Tamriel is in shambles." - Tamriel is a CONTINENT. It is not a world. There are several OTHER continents on the planet, too. And for the record, the planet's name is NIRN.
  4. "The Empire has fallen to the Elves" - Since when? There is no evidence to support this whatsoever.
  5. "The Blades are gone" - No they aren't. True, most of them are gone, however there is one of them left, and it is he who helps you on your way.
  6. "A civil war is about to break out" - If you had bothered to watch the trailer video, you would have seen that it has already taken place.
  7. "Players will take control of the last remaining Dragonborn" - This is true, however it is implied from many different sources that this is not that common. In fact, it is likely that many were unaware that they would even exist. (In fact, Todd Howard even said (and I posted about this in an earlier blog) how the game starts off with the character being about to be executed, so its not like much is known about the Dragonborn.
  8. YOU DIDN'T SPECIFICALLY MENTION DRAGONS - At best, you mentioned how the Dragonborn (Not Dovahkiin, like it should be titled, either) - is a Dragon Hunter. Because clearly there will be no quests in the game other than killing Dragons.
  9. Dragon Shouts - where was the mention of them? That is, after all, probably one of the biggest attractions of the game, and you dont even mention it.
  10. The Release Date. "November this Year"? Come on, can do better than that - 11.11.11. Its not like its difficult to remember.
  11. It also says that "and a civil was is about the break out" (Thanks to Rahoan and ArchangelKay for pointing that out)

Anyways, This is the first company I have seen in Australia with details about Skyrim in stores. I expect more inaccuracies as they start to list them. And, sorry, but seriously, check facts first. Its very easy to do, and it makes purists like me be willing to buy from you. :)