For those of you who do not get the reference, this blog is actually my 40,000th edit on the wiki. I am very happy to say that our wiki has changed greatly since I first joined it.

Back then, it was a 600-page, fanon-riddled mess. Fortunately, it has greatly improved since this time.

As things currently stand, our wiki regularly recieves over 1 million visits to it each day, even when there is little currently happening in the Elder Scrolls universe.

Back when Skyrim first came out, we broke Wikia's record for the most page views in one day. (We still hold this record).

Now, I have to say, there is one thing that I am very proud of, since I started here.
And that's all the editors on here. Each and every one of you, working together, made this site what it is today. The Consensus Track is a popular section of the forums, which is awesome. It is truly how wikis should be - I have seen a few wikis that aren't, and they just don't work.

The (relatively) new forum system has been an awesome addition to our wiki, and brings in quite a lot of editors each day. Sure, some of them don't do much more than contribute to Roleplay Threads, but most start there and then go elsewhere on our wiki. And even if they don't, well, its still a contribution to the overall community, just by being part of the greater community. (it has also meant that my talk pages only need to be archived every few months, instead of monthly, which is good, because I have quite a lot of them - but that is a side issue).

Other important additions to our wiki recently are the Parent Filter pages, which is currently being worked on as part of a greater Wikia collaborative project.

Every month, we are getting more and more detailed information about the upcoming Elder Scrolls title, Elder Scrolls Online, and I expect there will be a massive increase in the number of edits and editors on here.

This is very good news, because, well, I am unable to be online as much as I used to be, both through work, and keeping my mischevious son away from the computer cords.

In short: You're all awesome. Continue to keep making the wiki better, everyone.


p.s. A shoutout for my wonderful wife, Keira, for putting up with my obsession with this series. (Although I still can't understand how you think scribs are difficult :P)

p.p.s. TombRaiser - sorry I can't go to San Fran next month, but I'm sure you'll represent us just fine. :)