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  • Tneriksen

    Ghost in Dragon Bridge

    November 5, 2012 by Tneriksen

    I had the strangest experiance last night while playing Skyrim on my XBOX though it could have just been a glitch or something of the sort. Any way I was venturing into Dragon Bridge to spend the night and go do some dungeon delving when just yards from the town and strange spector ran from out of the wilds on to the road. It was transparente and glowing blue I did not get to great of a look at but I chased it threw town before it just vanished. From what I could make out it apeared to be horse shape spector but i have no clues twords it's orgins and or if it was a glitch or part of something in the game. If anyone else has more info on this it will be much appreciated also I'd like to here of any similar experiances threw out the game.

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