If you're like me, you did everything you could to quickly raise the skill levels of the key attributes of your character. Now they're all maxed out at 100, your overall level is still in the low 70's, so you need to bring up the skills you ignored to acheive the ultimate 81 level. The problem is the leveled creatures/enemies you face now are going to be really tough to fight using your under-developed skills. For example, I focused on ranged attacks using archery, stealth & magic skills. I can kill just about anyone or anything, including dragons, with a single arrow, but I was miserably inadequate with melee weapons, and since I poured all my energy into Magicka, leaving my Health and Stamina at 100. So, what can you do?

I like to call it "twice baking", like a potato. It's simple, really. You kill your enemies with your preferred weapons/attacks, then after you clear the area, loot their bodies for weapons and treasure, revive them using Revenant spells, then kill them again, this time using your lesser weapon/method. Unarmed, most enemies are considerably less challenging, and you can stand behind them, crouch down and surprise attack them.

A few words of caution though:

Bears can give you a good mauling, which helps develop your Restoration and armor skills, but they carry diseases, so check yourself periodically and cure yourself.

Chaurus are poisonous, so be careful not to let your health get down too low.

Unarmed opponents can run off and retreive weapons you didn't loot, so watch out when they come back.