Ok, so after leveling up to Level 18 on Skyrim, the XBOX 360 seems to have "Taken an arrow to the knee". For some reason it would not load from the previously saved slot. So after reading many other frustrating gamer blogs, and even contacting Bethesda, (Bethsoft) the makers of the Elder Scroll Saga's, I made some headway.

So here is the reponse I recieved back from Bethsoft, which I recieved like the next day by the way. Talk about customer service, these folks are on the ball.

"The first step we would like you to try is clearing your game and system cache.

To clear the Xbox 360 system cache go to the Dashboard and press the middle "Guide" button on your Xbox 360 controller. Scroll to System Settings, Storage, then highlight the HDD, press Y… and then simply select “Clear System Cache”. Select Yes when prompted to perform Hard Drive Maintenance.

  • = Deleting the cache will remove temporary game files and updates. Saved games, profiles, DLC etc will NOT be removed.

Clearing the Game Cache on the Xbox 360 is a separate function from clearing the System Cache. In order to do so, you must hold the LEFT Bumper, RIGHT Bumper, and the X button all at the same time on the Xbox 360 controller as a game is launching. Once you reach the Main Menu or Title Screen of the game, you can let go of the buttons. There will be no notification to you that this process has completed because it is all done passively.
Clearing the Game Cache resolves many problems in games that rely heavily on the Xbox 360's cached memory. Some of these problems include, but are not limited to NPC issues, random textures, and "hitching", "lagging", or "slow gameplay"

So I tried the first option, and it didn't work. So after reading the second option, I was scared to death of losing everything and all my progress. So here's what I did. I went to the Dashboard, went under System Settings, Storage, Games. You'll see where it has saved every game you have ever played. I deleted the saved spots from any previous saves, EXCEPT the one I wanted to keep, the last, most recent save of Skyrim, under that particular character. It worked like a charm. It was tedious, but it worked. Now if you have more than one character you're working on, you may have to do it for them as well, or else as soon as you start leveling high, it's going to lock up. I hope this helps folks. Enjoy Skyrim.

Thanks Todd