• Togaman1304

    so this is my first post and well I just want to here from you guys! Im to the Elder scrolls. Well not that new..well thats for you to decide, I first picked up The Elder Scrolls in 2009, cause well..It was the summer and I was bored, and was low on cash, I was trying some new arcade games in the Marketplace, and decided that I was going to pick up a smorgeshboard of Indie games. (For some strange reason Ive always loved Indie games).Then right as I walked through gamestops door, I SAW IT... MLB 2K9! I looked at it hoping the price wasntnout of my reach....$49.99...."****" Is what I said. As I was about to look outside the door and go home.. Something caught my eye. It was a weird sign on a game called OBLIVION, and it was $19.…

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