so this is my first post and well I just want to here from you guys! Im to the Elder scrolls. Well not that new..well thats for you to decide, I first picked up The Elder Scrolls in 2009, cause well..It was the summer and I was bored, and was low on cash, I was trying some new arcade games in the Marketplace, and decided that I was going to pick up a smorgeshboard of Indie games. (For some strange reason Ive always loved Indie games).Then right as I walked through gamestops door, I SAW IT... MLB 2K9! I looked at it hoping the price wasntnout of my reach....$49.99...."****" Is what I said. As I was about to look outside the door and go home.. Something caught my eye. It was a weird sign on a game called OBLIVION, and it was $19.99, I looked at the back of it and saw A troll looking creature and what appeared to be bad as I sighed.."well you get what you pay for". I handed it to the cashier who said "your going to enjoy this game. trust me" I thought it was just a scam to make sure I bought the game. I got home and put the disc in..and well here I am today. I remember beating the Main questline countless times, I remember how I always Wanted to be good at magic but never was (only magic I acceled at was restoration), I remeber sometimes starting a brand new charcter just to try to make jauffre survive the final battle by recruiting every city (I usually never did this because Oblivion Gates pissed me off, but Jauffre was a cool old man and I wanted to see him live) I remember how my two favorite races were the Argonians, and the Khajits (still to this day in Skyrim) but I was never good at being a thief, and of course I remember all the times Where I got arrested for accidentely taking a wooden spoon, then going on a rampage and nearly killing everyone in the Imperial city. Yep, those were great times. And Now im here to let you guys voice your favorite times, in skyrim or cyrodill!