Let's see if we can get at least 10 facts from Skyrim, that relates to Dreamwork's How To Train Your Dragon. I will start off.

                • SPOILER ALERT!*********

1. Alduin is similar to the Green Death (Queen Dragon at the end). He is a ruler of dragons that uses his power for destruction, and does his best to get all dragons to obey him, serve him, and destroy connections between Dovah and men.

2. Paarthurnax is similar to Toothless, because he forms a friendship with the Dragonborn, and offers his help to defeat the evil ruler.

2. Players can ride Odahviing (in a cutscene) and call him whenever they want, similar to Toothless.

3. The Blades reflect a prejudice against dragons, where they send you to kill Paarthurnax. This is similar when Hiccup knows that if the citizens of Berk find out about Toothless, they will kill him.

4. The dragons long snouts, snake-like neck, stomach, and tail, three claws at the hind of their wing (instead of two front legs) is similar to the deisgn of the Monstrous Nightmare.

5. All dragons against Alduin fly free after he has been supposedly killed. This is similar to the ending of How To Train Your Dragon after the dragons fly free after the Green Death's death.

6. The designs of homes in Whiterun are similar to those of berk, with light-colored wood, wooden dragon carvings on roofs, and shackled roofs.

Four more, anybody got more?