Hello there, this is my first blog and I am going to start talking about simply getting started in Skyrim! For all you noobs out there or even for experienced players who may not know a couple things, here are some great tips! 

Ok so you choose your character and decide on your archtype first thing right? An archtype is basically your character build which should reflect your playing style. Let me say this... Archery is ridiculously over-powered in Skyrim!!! For one, Archery gives you ranged attack power, Two you can deal a devastating amount of damage before even being detected, and Three even if you have been detected you can attack your enemy as he is charging at you and have him, if not dead already, on the brink! Especially with the right enchantments. Anyway, I prefer to use bretons. I know they are O.P. but they are just well-rounded and great characters. I love you use magic and bows and war axes. My breton allows me to conjure weapons and use destruction to obliterate my oppenents and with dragonskin, my racial ability, I can absorb magic from incoming spells! This archtype(battlemage/spellsword) is extremely deadly to anyone and is absolutely the bane to any mage character in the game. It's up to you and like I said your character and archtype should reflect your play style. Three basics of course, The Warrior, if you like sword or war axe combat, either two handed or one handed. To me two-handed is more of a barbaric trait, so when i creat a warrior I choose one-handed. You may use sheilds or dual weild a couple axes or just use one sword. Archery is great for ANY build. If you prefer archery hands down already over anything else then you should probably go with a wood elf. They have bonuses in sneak and archery and I believe one-handed for when stuff starts to get up close and personal. DO NOT forget to look at the Racial Ability of each character! It can be really helpful when you are on the verge of dying or are stuck on a quest. Ok, so next is a Mage! Mages are great, you don't even need a bow if those arent your thing, destruction magic should be your primary offense. You have flames, shock, and frost that offer close up attack and defense power. Frost is good when another warrior is charging you cus not only does it deal damage but will drain his STAMINA before he can get to you! Shock is great for fighting other mages cus it will drain their magicka! Fire is the end all be all, you can just flat out incinerate all who oppose you. When you level up your destruction new spells like fireballs and ice spikes will become available to you for ranged attacks! Notice my build was a (battlemage) I have qualities of a warrior and a mage because I love to use magic and deal punishing strikes with my war axe! The last thing I am going to discuss is The Thief build. Great for sneaking around undetected and using daggers to assassinate your oppenents silently and without them even knowing you are there. Or for more fun get your pickpocket up and you can disarm them before attacking them! You want to try to avoid toe to toe combat with this character, you will have sneak bonuses and critical strike bonuses for sneaking up and stabbing them with a dagger and since  a dagger is so light y ou have more room to loot dead bodies! If you are a beginner you should try one of these classes and mainly just run around and get familiar with the game and do whatever you like. Figure out which play style you prefer or make a new combinations! I will have more blogs up shortly, feel free to message me on my profile with any questions. Thanks!