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  • Trippet

    Harlot! Tramp! Hussy!

    January 10, 2012 by Trippet

    So I go into Breezehome to find the house has been set topsy turvy and Vorstag and Lydia are sitting upstairs like nothing happened. My mind went wandering and I knew it was time to get rid of Lydia - I never did like her tone, the snide little twit. I'm not big on rp, but this one was just too silly to pass up:

    A fine service my Housecarl paid me while I was scouring the lands for baubles and trinkets to please my mate. Expecting to come home to a nice meal and an evening by the warm fire, I instead find Vorstag and Lydia cozy and relaxed in my bedroom. Initially thinking it was nice they were keeping one another company, I surveyed the room. It was in utter disarray! Wine bottles littering the floor, plates and bowls strewn about th…

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  • Trippet

    Taking (Decent) Screenshots

    December 11, 2011 by Trippet

    So I'm perusing the images on the Wiki and I see the UI, which makes me want to pull my hair out. I'm picky and I don't apologize for it. We all have the same UI, we all know what it looks like and it serves no real use to have the thing in a screenshot. No - not even the weight, value and description of the item's powerful mojo. There are infoboxes for that information.

    But, "how," you ask, "how do you get rid of the frickin' thing?!" I'll tell you! We have console commands and image editing programs to help us with these things. ;)

    Use the tilde (`) key to bring up the console. Type the command, press Enter, press the tilde again to close the console. Rewind to undo the command.

    • TFC
      • Toggle freefly cam aka Flying camera! This is actually br…

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  • Trippet

    Hot Toooodddy

    December 6, 2011 by Trippet

    Dearest Bloggy,

    Hot Toddy. Mmmmmm. Skooma be damned, hot toddy is where it's at! Normally I detest the taste of tea, but, funny enough, when you add enough rum it kind of changes things up. As I'm preparing to delve into Skyrim I've queued up Paranormal State for background fodder. I don't know why, but it makes me giggle when I hear them say, "I command you." Hehe. Shoot, "hey ghostie, I command you, get me a bag of chips! Mama's got the munchies and don't you give me no lip!" I'd Love to believe this stuff is real, but these guys are such cheeseballs that they make it difficult to believe. I've seen some crazy stuff, but I can almost always explain it . . . like when my parents failed to lock my gerbil's cage and she got into t…

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  • Trippet


    November 28, 2011 by Trippet

    Dear Bloggy,

    After 23 levels in Skyrim, and numerous edits on the Wiki (hence only 23 levels so shush!), I have yet to see a flippin' dragon! What gives? I left the comfort of cold dank dungeons to cruise the open plains, frozen tundra and windswept mountains to no avail. Alas! It would appear the Draugr are the only foes I am to spar with. Woe! Lament! Heartache!

    Yes, this is what happens when I get overly tired because of foolish neighbors who play their Awful music until 5:45 am. Grrrrrr! What a surprise it was to them when I showed up on their doorstep with wild hair, eyes filled with loathing, no shoes and my pjs . . . in 30º weather . . . to tell them to "please turn it down." I marvel at my self-restraint. If only a dragon …

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  • Trippet


    November 14, 2011 by Trippet

    I give up - over 100 edits done correctly and now I can't seem to get things done because pages are automatically marked for speedy deletion with no reason given (and the pages do not already exist) . . . it's almost as though information sharing is undesired at this point so off I go to play the stinkin' game rather than add pages that may or may not get deleted (it could be a fluke, but it's too much work to have the potential of deletion)! I've got this schtick in a notebook I can reference. Once admins get the site figured out I'll consider going back to nerding it up with the sharing. Ciao!

    ~ Trip 22:03, November 14, 2011 (UTC)

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