Dear Bloggy,

After 23 levels in Skyrim, and numerous edits on the Wiki (hence only 23 levels so shush!), I have yet to see a flippin' dragon! What gives? I left the comfort of cold dank dungeons to cruise the open plains, frozen tundra and windswept mountains to no avail. Alas! It would appear the Draugr are the only foes I am to spar with. Woe! Lament! Heartache!

Yes, this is what happens when I get overly tired because of foolish neighbors who play their Awful music until 5:45 am. Grrrrrr! What a surprise it was to them when I showed up on their doorstep with wild hair, eyes filled with loathing, no shoes and my pjs . . . in 30º weather . . . to tell them to "please turn it down." I marvel at my self-restraint. If only a dragon had shown up to chomp them right then and there! <creepy giggle> As a testament to how sleep-deprived I was, nary a cuss word slipped through my lips. Will the wonders never cease?!

Tonight will be the night a dragon approaches my dear Yelah . . . as QWERTY is being imprinted on my forehead and she is left defenseless while I drool, blissfully asleep, on my keyboard. I shall hear a ferocious roar, then a sickening crunch, followed by a wet thud. When I lift my head to see what the comotion is, I will be made dizzy by the spinning scene of poor Yelah's death. Rest easy, good friend.

Thanks for listening, my sweet Bloggy! Have a good day! ~ Trippet (Talk) 23:59, November 28, 2011 (UTC)