So I go into Breezehome to find the house has been set topsy turvy and Vorstag and Lydia are sitting upstairs like nothing happened. My mind went wandering and I knew it was time to get rid of Lydia - I never did like her tone, the snide little twit. I'm not big on rp, but this one was just too silly to pass up:

A fine service my Housecarl paid me while I was scouring the lands for baubles and trinkets to please my mate. Expecting to come home to a nice meal and an evening by the warm fire, I instead find Vorstag and Lydia cozy and relaxed in my bedroom. Initially thinking it was nice they were keeping one another company, I surveyed the room. It was in utter disarray! Wine bottles littering the floor, plates and bowls strewn about the room . . . and then I noticed the smirk upon the wench's lip. Quickly putting events in order I devised a plan as my rage and disgust built. I hissed, "Lydia! Get your things, we've got a task to complete!"

Little did the trollop know I was leading her to her end. We entered a bear den I had happened upon in my explorations. I was not disappointed by the events which unfolded. Feigning surprise as the male beast reared up and swiped his massive paw at my nose, I stepped aside to allow Lydia to take the full brunt of the blow. As I moved out of harm's way, Lydia rushed in, the fool! She nearly dispatched the last bear, but I ensured his success by a well-placed stream of fire upon her backside, making it appear an accident brought on by confusion. As she gasped in surprise with her last gurgling breath, I had a smirk of my own. Now to see to my meal.