Dearest Bloggy,

Hot Toddy. Mmmmmm. Skooma be damned, hot toddy is where it's at! Normally I detest the taste of tea, but, funny enough, when you add enough rum it kind of changes things up. <hic> As I'm preparing to delve into Skyrim I've queued up Paranormal State for background fodder. I don't know why, but it makes me giggle when I hear them say, "I command you." Hehe. Shoot, "hey ghostie, I command you, get me a bag of chips! Mama's got the munchies and don't you give me no lip!" I'd Love to believe this stuff is real, but these guys are such cheeseballs that they make it difficult to believe. I've seen some crazy stuff, but I can almost always explain it . . . like when my parents failed to lock my gerbil's cage and she got into the walls. Amazingly enough I was woken up by what I thought was several voices (I was 3, cut me some slack!). After being terrified for about a week (guess that's how long it took her to . . . find her way out of the wall and into the wild where she met a lovely gerbil boy and got married and lived happily ever after . . . ) the voices left. <gasp>

So I wonder what the rest of the kids around here listen to when playing? I've usually got Netflix going. Anything supernatural, horror, some sci-fi, crime documentaries (or crime dramas like L&O SVU, yum Mr. Meloni!) or things like Dead Like Me (totally recommend) with a smart alec chick (or broad) who doesn't take herself too seriously while kicking butt and taking names, while suffering some humbling moments. It's something to aspire to.

Okay, Bloggy, I'm not in the least bit entertaining right now (not that I ever am, so hush) so I'll sign off.

~ Trippet (Talk) 01:57, December 6, 2011 (UTC)