Who Astrid dies ? Yes Astrid is dead. Here's why : Astrid will begin to ask you to go kill an emperor thereafter, the Imperial will want the death of all the brotherhood in full. By cons, astrid'd done a deal with Imperial as anything he had to kill you, you dovakhin. Unfortunately, you have managed to run away which make the pact was broken. Imperial will therefore put to the search for dark brotherhood to kill everyone who am one and destroy it. Everyone is killed except you, Babette, Nazir and Astrid is a agony. You're going to see Astrid, burned to the ground with the blade of a coterie of her displeasure. Astrid will you admit that you betrayed because she could not stand the change from your arrive. So she tried somehow you killed. Eventually she will ask you to kill her with his blade displeasure that you can keep afterwards. The mother of the night then you will admit that it was not the true emperor you killed and it will kill the truth. Here's how Astrid dies. You become the chief result of the black brotherhood and you'll have to put all nine Dawnstar has to create a new brotherhood.