This is a topic that really seems to set alot of people off, I honestly laugh at everyone who gets annoyed and frustrated that other people do it. I personally do not use these glitches/exploits/bugs which ever you like to call them, me I like to call them exploits to an extent. I guess the main reason for this blog post is my personal views on this subject, and I will make them because I can if you like it or not. After playing eight character play-thoughs of skyrim I ran into many ways to exploit different levels in lots of different ways, I choose to exploit them and then reload my game to play as normal. The reason I exploited them was to learn and determine which ones are really glitches (my view of them) and which are exploits (also my view on them). Looking back to oblivion and which EXPLOITS are still there (reason for capitals is because bethesda left them in as exploits not gltiches), including the scroll duplication and frozen NPC's you can train on as you see fit. Now of my next play-through since I played as every type of class I like, I will build a hybrid class to my liking using what I think will be non other then exploits. I will do this because I don't feel like doing all my leveling all over again, now I always play on master because I love a challenge and seeing how most of the enimies we all face in skyrim level with you. I feel like I will not be breaking the game, only jump starting my ninth character. Now that you know that I will be jump starting my character for faster and better use from the start is it wrong? If so then so is someone jump starting your car on the side of the road in the middle of no where (just saying).

Now to end this anyone with issues of power leveling using EXPLOITS needs a swift kick to the back of the head to get it's not wrong. First of because it is a single player game and not a multiplayer game, if it were multiplayer then I would also have a problem with it but only if I was playing with or against people doing it.

(Note that I think the book is a complete glitch it is not power leveling it is just plain glitching... but if people want to do it them so be it, it is their game that they are enhanching not mine..)

Blog from The True High King, let me know what you think and before you comment on and on aobut how exploits/bugs/glitches are wrong TAKE IT SOMEWHERE ELSE I want to know you opinion on my views not YOURS.