I'd really like to see some sort of storyline involving Akavir. The lore behind this continent facinates me. If i could write the opening for the game, this would be how it starts:

You and some Imperial Soldiers are onthe deck of an Imperial Navy Galleon, when your Legion Commander approaches and tells you you'll be hitting the port of Septima soon. As you approach the port, Tsaesci warriors sound a horn and they fall back to Ionith. You arrive on shore, and the soldiers start to search the port town for any stragglers. You and a handful of other Legionaires find a band of Tsaesci Warriors and battle, untill the survivors submit. you escort them back to your Officer, who tells you to interrogate them. They would then tell you they have been expecting your return for a long time.

Afterwards, you would carry out a serious of raids and attacks on Tsaesci settlements, and then would have the option to be sent back to Tamriel or explore Akavir more. events would progress from here, and you would still be able to do side quests and such, and have the option of defeating the Tsaesci or having a peacful Transition of pwer to the Empire. You could do quests for the Tsaesci people or go back to Tamriel and live life there, with the option always being that you could travel to Akavir again.

NOTE: I did quite a bit of research on the subject of Akavir and the Tsaesci. it would be helpful if anyone could comment on what you think of this. either way, i'd love to see Akavir incorperated in the next TES game.