Hello everyone!

This is my first, and more than possibly my last, blog post. I'm not really much of a blogger.

Anyway, this blog post is basically me trying to set up a chatroom. Whenever I go on The Elder Scrolls Wikia chat server, there's NO ONE THERE. At all. I sometimes see a few comment of people trying to set up chatrooms, but trying to do that in the comments section is a tricky task.

So this is why I propose a sort of schedule for chat. It could be weekly, monthly, heck, even hourly, but I think that us Skyrimites should congregate and gossip our soon-to-be-pudgy buttocks off about Bethesda, Skyrim, and monkeys. So, post in the comments if you think this is a good idea, and when you think it should be. I'll come back and tally all your ideas (if you give any. I'm half-expecting one guy to just say, "FIRST!!!!!"), and we may chat in the near future.

So yeah. Comment if this should work, if this is redundant, when it should be, and why bananas aren't turquoise.