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  • Turkeysocks

    Okay, so the ESO pre-order is now available to be purchased online or at your local game store if it's selling.

    Anyways, there are two versions available, the ESO: Standard Edition or the ESO: Imperial Edition, both of which can also be purchased as digital versions.

    The Pre-order editions of both games come with Digital and Retail:

    - 5 day early access to the game (PC/MAC Only)

    - And the first 30 days free.

    The Imperial Edition also comes with:

    - The ability to create an Imperial character who can join any faction of his/her choosing 

    - A white Imperial steed (it sounds like it's free)

    - Craft Imperial style gear

    - Transform any gear you get to Imperial style

    - Rings of Mara that, when used with another, increases experience bonuses earned when pla…

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  • Turkeysocks

    It's about that time again, another ESO beta test is taking place! Those who have recieved an inventation post what faction they plan on playing. If we get enough, perhaps we can make a TES wiki guild to achieve the goals of this test.

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