Okay, so the ESO pre-order is now available to be purchased online or at your local game store if it's selling.

Anyways, there are two versions available, the ESO: Standard Edition or the ESO: Imperial Edition, both of which can also be purchased as digital versions.

The Pre-order editions of both games come with Digital and Retail:

- 5 day early access to the game (PC/MAC Only)

- And the first 30 days free.

The Imperial Edition also comes with:

- The ability to create an Imperial character who can join any faction of his/her choosing 

- A white Imperial steed (it sounds like it's free)

- Craft Imperial style gear

- Transform any gear you get to Imperial style

- Rings of Mara that, when used with another, increases experience bonuses earned when playing together

- And a mudcrab vanity pet.

If you pre-order the retail version of the Imperial Edition, you also get:

- A 12" Molag Bal statue

- A 224 page Emperor's Guide to Tamerial with full color illustrations

- And a detailed map of Tamerial!

And all pre-orders come with the Explorers pack, which includes:

- 5 days early access to the game (PC/MAC Only)

- Play any race in any alliance

- Scuttler Vanity Pet

- And Bonus Treasure Maps!

You can find all the information here: