Short blog, what ideas you as a player would like introduced in the Elder Scrolls? They can be ones for the future games, or revisions of some of the previous games or in-game lore. You can describe it as in-game lore or game mechanics.

1. My revision would start with the Daedric Princes. While, they have some good aspects. Here are my ideas for a revision.

1. Renamed to Daedric Monarchs. They still can be shapeshifters, for their "soul" would be set as either male, female, or genderless.

2. They or at least like how the majority see them as demons I wouldn't consider them like demons. They could be considered as monsters, dark or evil spirits of divinity, or as gods. They would employ darker aspects of creation that affect mortal lives and choices.

3. This last one has to do with, more with Oblivion than with the Princes. My revision is that in Oblivion that the Planes of Oblivions, are like the planets of Mundus, are seeable from the sky of each one. But, the space between each Plane is like a dimensional wall. The spaces are distorted to where their is no physical travel possible between two Planes like in distance. You can reach one by making Portals or by traveling through space-time magically.

(2). My next revision is Magicka, Magnus, Mages, and the Schools of Magic. Also, there will some in game details too, not just lore.

1. First, Magnus I would still call him the God of Magic. Also, I would keep he was destroyed trying to leave Mundus. But, I would give reasons why he is called the Et'eda or God of Magic among all the others. When he manifested he was made entirely of Magicka, and not just possessing magic like the other Et'eda. Also, with his plans, schematics, diagrams, etc for Mundus he would be considered also a God of Creation in some Pantheons.

2. Magicka, would be remaded some. While it would remain the same supernatural powers/energies/forces. The common belief in lore among many, that Magicka is what is left when Magnus was all but destroyed, thus fusing into Mundus among with the Aedra's magical powers. But, a big difference would be how it relates to Mages. Also, Magicka as a supernatural power isn't able to be blocked or negated by none magically means, unless a spell needs none magical means to break it. Also, Magic can do anything, but all limits are only restrictions due to limits of power and understanding of Mage. Also if the Magicka left Mundus, the mages wouldn't lose their powers. BUT, new mages wouldn't be able to be born unless they come from a family of already existing mages.

3. Mages, would be the same basically. But, a Mage is in my revisions a person that has Magicka fused into themselves. Due to Magicka being part of Mundus, creatures or beings would in time due to exposure would start developing Magicka sources of their own. WHILE, mages technically don't run out of magic, they need to use their life force, to manipulate it. The same life force that allows you to walk, breathe, etc. You would pass out or die if you try to over use. (So one bar would collectively be spent if you take damage, use magic, or run. You can still cast magic, run, or use power strikes if the bar is empty. But you can die from not having any stamina.) This also explain how they can use magic in other realm like Oblivion. How can you have magic, if in your in a realm that has magical forces you never learn to use? So you basically carry your power with yourself.

The Schools of Magic, mostly the same but I would remove illusion and rename conjuration to Creation. 1. Creation, Alteration, Manipulation, Destruction, and Restoration.

Manipulation would have spells of the illusion class, as well as spells like telekinesis, flying, soul trap. In game description of Manipulation Magic. (Manipulation utilizes Magicka to manipulate and influence powers, energies, forces, and properties in the world, thus allowing to cast spells like Soul Trap, Illusions, and Telekinesis.

Alteration, would be the same but would be detailed as adding or removing elements in something to change its form. Or by transmuting the foundation of any object or person.

Destruction, would incorporate elements like air, water, earth, light, darkness, metal, fire, frost, lightning, even wood. Basically, anything that can be used for damage.

Creation is conjuration but renamed, with necromancy moved to Manipulation.

Restroation is nearly the same. Also, even though this school can restore stamina as well as heal and cure diseases and infects. Most cannot understand life energy enough to constantly restore life force to your stamina bar that would govern all your skills. Can't be too powerful at first. One of the most common but not failed experiments of this school is to achieve immortality. Even a grandmaster normally can only achieve eternal youth, that takes very intricate and hard spells to maintain.

Next the Aedra...