• You'll need a house, otherwise you'll have nowhere to live...that's important.
  • You need to eat three meals a day, and eat realistically. Ex: Soup, cheese, bread, wine.
  • You need to change your clothes once everyday, and have some sort of sleeping outfit.
  • You need to sleep at night, and be active during the day.
  • Earn an honest living. Farming, smithing, chopping wood, fishing, hunting, etc. (All the PC players can find a fishing mod by ThirteenOranges, or someone else.)
  • You can't join factions, clear out forts, do the main quest, or be any type of mercenary/sellsword.
  • Don't have, like, 100,000 septims, 'cause that's just not realistic.


Your only weapons should be a hunting bow, steel arrows, and dagger/one-handed sword. The mod 'Isilmeriel's LOTR Weapons' on Steam includes some hunting weapons that might be useful. You should only eat meat, cheese, bread, and mead, to strengthen your body and mind. Sell your pelts, hides, furs, etc. in cities and towns. Wear some type of light armour (studded, fur, hide, leather, etc.). Improve your bows whenever you decide that they are in need of repair or upgrades, like after a long hunting trip or a long period of time. Make an honest living, and if you run out of things to sell, you can chop wood for the inns. There is a mod on Steam called 'The Hunting Guild' that could be useful, besides the Companions.

Beginning Adventurer

  • Any type of armour that you can craft without leveling up your smithing.
  • An iron or steel weapon. You can duelwield.
  • You don't have to use a shield, but if you do the only options are hide, iron, and steel.
  • You don't need a bow, either, but if you do choose to use one a hunting bow or long bow are your two options.
  • Don't do the main quest unless something else requires you to do so, or you want to buy Breezehome.
  • No guilds or factions, unless, like I said before, something absolutely requires you to do so.
  • Use side quests, work from the jarls, or some quests that don't involve become a Daedric Prince's champion or delving deep into a Dwarven ruin. Civil War quests are also excluded.

Thanks to Ravyn Uvenim13 for suggesting the Beginning Adventurer idea!

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