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  • I live in Northwest Iowa
  • I was born on September 11
  • My occupation is Taco Bell Cashier
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  • Tybon5

    New Fanfiction: Name Ideas

    February 4, 2012 by Tybon5

    I know that a title involving the word 'fanfiction' has probably turned most of the more discerning Wiki contributors off from this blog post, but as for the rest of you that decided to check out this blog, I thank you.

    Now, the story for the fanfiction has been developing in my mind over the past few days. I plan to have it formatted like the stories that take place inside of the books of the game: spread across several books (in this case, blog posts). Not only will I be attempting to recreate the format, but also the feel of the books.

    Now, I've written a little fanfiction in the past, and based on the constructive criticism I've received, as well as given myself, is that I have trouble picking accurate names for characters in the stories…

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  • Tybon5

    Just added a few character archetypes to the Warrior page. Check them out and let me know your opinions. If I get a good enough response, I'lll do the same for the Thief and Mage pages.

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