I know that a title involving the word 'fanfiction' has probably turned most of the more discerning Wiki contributors off from this blog post, but as for the rest of you that decided to check out this blog, I thank you.

Now, the story for the fanfiction has been developing in my mind over the past few days. I plan to have it formatted like the stories that take place inside of the books of the game: spread across several books (in this case, blog posts). Not only will I be attempting to recreate the format, but also the feel of the books.

Now, I've written a little fanfiction in the past, and based on the constructive criticism I've received, as well as given myself, is that I have trouble picking accurate names for characters in the stories. So, this is why I created this blog post, to get input from the Wiki community at large on characters' names, as well as any other constructive criticism anyone is willing to provide.

So, to start with I'm thinking of having three main characters.

First, whom I'm tentatively naming Ronok, is an Orc that follows a monastic order of berserkers. I know that sounds like a contradiction, but the idea of it is that the order is devoted to the concept of mastering your rage and turning it into your strength. Ronok is in an advanced stage of progression through the order, and has taken a vow of silence in order to gain greater insight into more internal sources of rage.

Pretty much this guy:

Orc zerker

Orc Berserker from loading screen

This guy's pretty much a blank canvas, character-wise, so I figure it's a good starting point. I also had the idea that the stud piercings on his eyebrows were a symbol that would indicate how advanced the wearer is in the berserker order.

Then we have the next character that I plan on making a Wood Elf female (tentatively named Telara), at the age of a very young, and most importanly very inexperienced, adult (I'm not sure exactly how old this would be as I am unfamiliar with Wood Elf culture) As driven by the story, Ronok would become the silent protector of this Wood Elf girl, whom also possesses some budding magic skills. I don't have a picture to base her off of, so this one is mostly to be left to the imagination.

Finally, the third character I intend on making a middle-aged Redguard (tentatively named R'sad) that has only recently joined the berserker order that Ronok is a part of. If I stick with the stud-ranking system that I mentioned in Ronok's description, then he'd probably have only one set of studs. He'll also serve as an interpreter for Ronok through a kind of sign language.

So, I'm having the most trouble with keeping aspects of their characters' accurate to the lore of the Elder Scrolls universe, while still instilling enough creative license to make the story unique. Now, to serve as a little teaser, here's what I've thought up thus far for the opening of the first 'book', using the tentative names I mentioned earlier.

Telara stared up into the face of her savior, and felt a unqiue combination of gratitude, and paralyzing fear. She had never seen an Orc up close, and this one in particular wasn't the most gentle introduction to the race. He easily dwarfed her in size, his frame packed with muscle and covered with scars of what had undoubtedly been a violent life. His bare chest heaved from exertion under its coat of blood, the same blood that dripped from the blade of one of his wickedly-curved axes, the other buried in the head of one of Telara's would-be-assailants. Otherwise, he was robed in various furs and protective leather bands. He seemed to have no other possessions.

He stood in a pool of blood, spilled onto the ground of the clearing from the dead body of one of the bandits that had come upon Telara unawares. Telara's mind flashed back to the events of the past five minutes...

She had settled in for the night in the clearing, thinking herself protected by a screen of trees from the dangers posed by the wilds of Skyrim. The arrival of four bandits, crept out fo the night evinced just how wrong she was.

She had thought it all over, resigned to the fact that she would never reach her destination, when the bandit keeping watch let out a blood-curdling scream as he was cut to shreds by a flurry of axe blows, spraying the suddenly-appearing Orc with blood. The attacker was on the second bandit before the rest had turned around.

A single skull-cracking chop dropped the second bandit as the remaining two drew their swords. The powerfully-built Orc released the axe wedged into the skull of the fallen bandit. Pulling it free would take too long. One axe would suffice.

The first of the remaining bandits charged at the Orc, sword held aloft. Another swift chop severed the hand holding the sword, instantly taking the bandit out of the fight as he collapsed from the pain.

The last bandit hefted his shield, a slight shaking of his knees betraying his fear. Moments passed, but nothing seemed to happen. Cautiously, he lowered his shield enough to peer over it. It was the last mistake he ever made.

The Orc had wound one arm back, ready to strike out with a closed fist waiting for just such an opportunity. The blow landed squarely on the top-most part of the shield, sending the bandit flying backwards into a tree several yards away. He was killed before he hit the tree by the iron-rimmed edge of the shield snapping his neck.

As if noticing her for the first time, the Orc looked at Telara with the same calm expression he had worn throughout the entire fight. This disturbed Telara almost as much as his appearance. Killing those bandits seemed to not phase him at all.

Suddenly, there was a snapping noise from behind the Orc as the bandit with the severed hand stepped on a twig whilst beating a hasty retreat.

In one smooth motion, the Orc turned and snapped his arm forward, releasing his remaining axe at the crux of his swing. The axe revolved once before sinking into the back of the bandit, dropping him to the ground once again, for good this time.

So that's pretty much all I've got so far for my story. Any criticism would be greatly appreciated, as well as any suggestions for lore-accurate names. Thanks for reading, if you made it this far before backing out out of boredom or disgust.